Open Water

Want to learn to dive? We have partnered with Waiheke Dive and Snorkel and Dive Doctor to offer our members high quality diving training at student-friendly prices!

The PADI Open Water course will certify you to dive up to 18 metres deep, with a buddy, all over the world. We deliver this training through fun training camps where you’ll meet fellow club members and potential dive buddies!

The Open Water training camp begins with online PADI e-learning prior to the start of the practical course, where you’ll learn the principles of diving and other important information. This will be completed by you in your own time.

Then comes the practical part, with four days of activities:

· Day 1 – The day starts with confined water sessions in a swimming pool, where you’ll do a swim test, get used to the SCUBA equipment, and practise the basic safety drills and skills!

· Days 2 & 3 – You’ll head to Kai Iwi lakes in Northland to complete your open water diving sessions! This is when you’ll get to camp with other AUUC members and practise your diving skills in an outdoor environment. There will be two dives per day for each student, and fun free time outside of training!

· Day 4 – You’ll do any catch-up dives in the morning if needed, and then drive back home - congratulations, you’re now a certified diver!

There will be between 4 - 24 students on each camp with a 4:1 student to instructor ratio, so you’ll have the chance to get to know other new divers in the club and meet your future dive buddies, all while getting more one-on-one time with you and your dive instructor!

The cost for the course is $687.00 per person EX GST, which includes:

· Full PADI learning suite & registration

· Pool entry fees

· Training time & tuition

· Full rental gear

· 4:1 maximum ratio for Instructor to Students on Open Water Dives.

Additional costs include transport (carpooling), food, and accommodation - we’ll let you know closer to the time how much this will be. Accommodation is camping at one of the sites around Kai Iwi lakes, so prepare to stay in a tent and cook your own food!

If this sounds great to you, please email our training officer at [email protected]!

For more information about PADI Open water training, click here. For more information about Kai Iwi Lakes, click here .