Welcome to the Auckland University Underwater Club

We are a non-profit, recreational dive club associated with The University of Auckland. The club has been around since 1961, which is pretty impressive when you consider the age of SCUBA diving itself (first pioneered just after WWII)!

We have always and will continue to provide students with access to the great underwater world, with student orientated prices! With our club owned boat, Sea Minus, we are able to access diving all over the North Island and with a few sets of diving gear AUUC is able to provide SCUBA and freediving opportunities for a range of experiences! We even provide the most affordable access to getting Open Water certified, so whether you’re a keen diver or new to the underwater world JOIN US !

Check out the trips list to find out where our next adventure will be!

Stay informed!

The club’s Facebook group is another great source of up-to-date information where AUUC will post regular updates about upcoming trips! It is also a place where members can share and discuss relevant dive related topics and organize impromptu trips and carpooling. Check it out!

Still not convinced? Check out our instagram and youtube pages to look at all the amazing opportunities and adventures that AUUC members get to experience!

We are a registered incorporated society in New Zealand under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. As such, we have an elected committee and a constitution (or set of rules) which can be found here . In accordance with the Act, we also hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year at which we, among other things, approve the annual financial statement and elect new committee members. Our AGM is held between mid-September and mid-October. All of this information, as well as annual financial statements since the date of incorporation, can be found by searching for Auckland University Underwater Club Incorporated in the societies register at www.societies.govt.nz.