Club Boat

We have a new boat: Sea Minus !

AUUC owns a 6.5-metre-long, 2.45-metre-wide aluminium hulled Rigid Inflatable Boat named Sea Minus. We use this boat whenever we can, predominantly on weekends and public holidays; although taking her out for an evening dive in the Hauraki Gulf also happens occasionally. Look at the trips list to plan trips in advance and look at the Facebook group to find spur of the moment trips with only a few days’ notice.

Sea Minus is a wet boat

What this means is that when you’re travelling on the boat, there is a good chance you or the deck of the boat will get wet. The boat has a centre console which you can store small items you would like to keep dry (your lunch, mobile phone and camera etc.). For trips during winter, bringing some warm clothes and warm drinks are a good idea as there is little protection from the elements when you are out at sea and it is hard to warm up after spending time in the water.

Diving from Sea Minus

At the boat launch site, you should assemble your dive gear and ensure it makes its way onto the boat before departure. When preparing your equipment prior to this, ensure you pack everything and if in doubt, look at the Club gear list to check you’ve got everything you need. Wetsuits/drysuits are often put on at the boat launch site to save having to change on the boat and act as a form of emergency buoyancy. If you are not wearing one of these, you will be asked to wear one of the boats life jackets, which when activated will keep you afloat in an emergency. Trips on the boat are suitable for SCUBA divers, freedivers, spearfishers and snorkellers, but check whether there are any restrictions on the in-water activity offered for any trip. The price for trips out on Sea Minus varies depending on location and type of trip.

Prices start at $35 for a single dive in a camping situation, $40 for a single dive in a day trip and $50-$60 for a two dive day depending on how far the boat needs to travel to get to the intended sites.

Become a Club Boat Skipper

We can train club members to become skippers, recognised by the club to take out our boat. If you would like to become a club boat skipper, email the Boat Officer on [email protected] for more information. Qualifications required to become a skipper ( Boatmasters, VHF , Oxygen Provider and First Aid ) __ are all recognised outside of the club and most can be cross credited internationally. Once qualified, you can take Sea Minus out as often as you want and gain valuable experience which can be counted towards commercial hours if desired! This can open up excellent career opportunities for you too!