The members of Auckland University Underwater Club are putting together their very own catalogue of marine life in New Zealand. Our aim is to build up a resource people can use to help identity what they see underwater.

Lord Howe coralfish. Amphichaetodon howensis. Northern Arch, Poor Knights Islands. Alison Perkins.

This catalogue won’t replace all the terrific books available on New Zealand marine life. Once you know what you’re looking at, you’re going to want to know more about it, where it lives, what it eats etc. But hopefully this will inspire you to learn more about what you encounter underwater.

We’re after good quality images of a medium size (1024 x 768 pixels), 200-400kB, cropped to display the species of interest. Please don’t email me huge files!

You need to provide:

  • the location the photo was taken eg. Middle Arch, Poor Knights Islands
  • your name, so I can confirm you are a paid AUUC member, and credit you with the image

If you think you know what the species is, you are welcome to provide the species name (common and scientific) as well.

Email your photos to species@unidive.co.nz

Photographers retain the image copyright. We may use your photos on our website, but we will not use them for any other purposes without your permission.

DISCLAIMER: While I may be in charge of putting this all together, I am not a marine biologist. I’m self taught, so I expect this may be difficult and I might make mistakes. I don’t guarantee my identifications are correct but I shall try my best!

I look forward to receiving your images and watching our albums grow.

Ali Perkins

PS. Huge thanks to Dr Richard Willan, Honorary Life Member of AUUC (member 1971-1979), for his tremendous assistance in identifying the invertebrate photos.


Books to Read

A Guide to the New Zealand Seashore
By Dave Gunson

A Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of New Zealand
By Wade Doak

A Photographic Guide to Seashells of New Zealand
By Margaret S. Morley, Photographs by Iain A. Anderson

Australian Marine Life, The Plants and Animals of Temperate Waters, Revised Edition
By Graham J. Edgar

Beneath New Zealand Seas
By Wade Doak

Coastal Fishes of New Zealand, An Identification Guide, Third Edition
By Malcolm Francis

Collins Guide to the Sea Fishes of New Zealand
By Tony Ayling, Colour plates by Geoffrey J. Cox

Common Seashells of New Zealand
By Brian Parkinson

Deep New Zealand, Blue Water, Black Abyss
By Peter Batson

Echinodermata: Asteroidea (Sea-stars)
By Helen E.S. Clark and Donald G. McKnight

Goat Island Marine Reserve, Leigh, New Zealand, An Identification Guide to the Underwater Inhabitants
By Jenny and Tony Enderby

Life in the Estuary, Illustrated Guide and Ecology
By Malcolm B. Jones and Islay D. Marsden

The Life-Size Guide to the New Zealand Beach
By Andrew Crowe

Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling New Zealand
By Jenny and Tony Enderby

New Zealand Coastal Marine Invertebrates, Volume 1
By Steve de C. Cook

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia, Catalogue of Asia/Indo – Pacific Sea Slugs
By Neville Coleman

Poor Knights Wonderland, Field Guide to the Islands and Marine Reserve
By Glenn Edney

The Rockpool Fishes of New Zealand
By Chris Paulin and Clive Roberts

Seashore Ecology of New Zealand and the Pacific
John Morton

Seaweeds of New Zealand, An Illustrated Guide
By Nancy M. Adams

Subtidal Invertebrates of New Zealand, A Divers’ Guide
By Stephen Wing

Whale Watching in Australian & New Zealand Waters, New Edition
By Peter Gill and Cecilia Burke, Colour Illustrations by Pieter Folkens

Which Seashell?
By Andrew Crowe