Club Gear

AUUC owns 8 full sets of SCUBA diving equipment along with some free diving socks and fins.

This gear is paid for by the club and anyone borrowing it is expected to take great care with it.

To organise gear, email [email protected]

Gear is stored in the Recreation Centre (AKA ‘The Gym’) of the University of Auckland. Please email the gear officer to arrange a time, detailing what gear you require. As SCUBA gear is very bulky and heavy, it is necessary to bring your car or very politely ask your driver for the trip; parking is also very difficult and people generally have classes during the day. Therefore, gear hire is usually best done on a weekday evening. There is a loading zone park near the gym on Symonds Street, and 2 more parks directly outside the gym.

The most preferred way to pay for gear hire is with cash. On top of payment for gear hire, we also require a $50 cash bond which will be returned to you in full once the gear is returned rinsed and dried, and with the tanks filled.

Remember that the Gear Officer is a volunteer giving up their time, so any steps you take to make the process quick and easy would be greatly appreciated. This could be such as:

  1. Checking your log book to know how much weight you require
  2. Withdrawing your cash in advance
  3. Making sure your cash is divisible into $50 + Price of gear hire
  4. Coming up to the Gear Shed once the sign is up on the door by the pool table.
  5. Being punctual

Gear Hire Rates

Item Price
Full Set $40
Full Set 2 days $70
Free diving set $15
Free diving set 2 days $25
Regulator $25
BCD $10
Wetsuit $10
Tank / Weights / Fins / Booties / Gloves / Hood / Mask & Snorkel / Torch $5
Knife / Compass / Cray measure / Xylem sticks FREE
Full set 3+ days $100 + $25/day
Free diving 3+ days $30 + $10/day

“Payment can be made with cash on collection or bank transfer [Ways to Pay] In addition to the gear hire rate we require a $50 cash deposit which is returned to you in full if all the hired gear is returned on time, properly rinsed and undamaged.

Gear Hire Rules

When you signed up to the club, you accepted the gear hire rules. To see them, click here.